This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

A lot’s happened in the last couple weeks. Lots of ugly things have been said. Things that lead you to pour a cup of angry when you wake up in the morning.

But cups of angry make you think small. For example, angry attitudes make you denigrate people with seven championships when you only have three.

Nu F1 LogoNelson Piquet’s problem wasn’t that he used the n-word to talk about Lewis Hamilton. Piquet’s problem was that he called Hamilton little.

And his daughter agreed because she sleeps with the man who stole an eighth championship from Hamilton last December. The theft was so ugly the man who fenced that title lost his job trying to defend it.

And worse: Piquet and his daughter’s boyfriend Max Verstappen made their first bones in Formula One when it was run by a man who thinks Vladimir Putin is a good guy.

That’s the same Vladimir Putin who smiles throwing rockets and bullets at old men, women and children. And Bernie Ecclestone says he’d gladly take a bullet for Putin. As long as it doesn’t hurt.

They’re all small. Small enough to not talk about anymore.

You can’t drink angry without becoming small. Money and fame make you big in today’s world. But cups of angry and bad attitude make you small.

And small won’t let you see over a stack of seven championships to admire anything.