This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

It’s been a week since NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin criticized fellow racer Kyle Larson by posting an ugly Asian stereotype on Social Media. NASCAR ordered Hamlin take racial sensitivity courses as a result.

What’s happening inside the stock car racing industry? NASCAR continues to find itself in these situations.

Kyle Larson FeatTwo years ago it was Larson who used a racial pejorative over an open internet microphone.

Darrell Wallace FeatThen it was the noose found in a garage assigned to African American driver Darrel Wallace.

To be fair, the FBI investigated and found the noose was in the Alabama garage a year before the stall was assigned to Wallace, the sport’s only black driver.

And five days ago driver from a series owned by NASCAR was suspended indefinitely for an assault away from the track.

More light needs to be shined inside the closed circus that is the NASCAR garage.

That’s kind of happening with the growth of new drivers at the front of the field. Another generation of competitors and, hopefully, another generation of thought is emerging.