What’s Next for McLaren?

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Zak  BrownMcLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown shouldn’t buy any green bananas.

The American was hired on promises that he’d find a full-time sponsor for the McLaren Formula One program while making the brand competitive and, possibly, a winner at Indy. So far, neither has worked out.

The McLaren brand does more than race cars. It builds and sells road cars and bids on technology contracts around the world.

But it’s hard to ask for a nine figure technology contract or sell a seven figure road car on Monday when you can’t get into a famous motor race on Sunday.

IndyCar chassis are spec made by the Italian company Dallara. But some changes are allowed to make the chassis respond the way the teams want. McLaren’s massaged spec chassis was written off in a crash Wednesday.

McLaren found a chassis already massaged by another team but couldn’t get that chassis into the 500, even with their own engineers and a two-time Formula One champion behind the wheel.

McLaren is losing money in F1 under Zak Brown’s leadership. Now they’ve failed to make it into the Indy 500, a success that was promised by Brown when he was hired nearly three years ago.

Tough to sell that on Monday or any other time.


May 19, 2019

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