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Michael SelfARCA Daytona Lucas Oil 200 Winner Michael Self came into The Freak Nation right after his win Saturday. Self has been a Friend of the Freaks lately. His performance on the track has been the best. And we’re learning that his performance off the track is just as dominating. He’s building business interests in between visiting Victory Lane. Listen…

Hailie DeeganIt’s great to have Hailie Deegan in The Freak Nation. When we started the show Hailie wasn’t born and her Dad Brian was a young man ripping up the Freestyle Motocross Series giving the establishment a shot in the arm with the Metal Mulisha. But a lot has happened in those 20 years. Hailie finished second in the Lucas Oil 200 ARCA race at Daytona Saturday so she’s starting to make her own headlines in motor racing. Listen…

Adan EnticknapSupercross Rider & Rapper Adam Enticknap was in The Freak Nation Sunday night.  He’s the perfect guest for The Freaks.  Not only is he a front runner under the Supercross lights. He’s building a career in the music business as a rapper.  But his 7-deuce-deuce brand is getting known in several marketplaces including the marketplace for names!  Enticknap laughts at the ways people have ruined his name ever since high school.  Listen…

Cole CusterCole Custer drives the No. 41 Ford for Stewart-Haas Racing in the NASCAR Cup Series. He’ll be contending for the Rookie of the Year honors. He previously competed for SHR in the Xfinity Series earning nine wins in two years making the Championship Four twice. Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Testing NASCAR’s Next Gen Cup car ramps up in 2020. A lot is riding on this effort. It won’t show up until 2021.


NASCAR wants it to look more like showroom cars. That’s a plus.

Some big talking points. The chassis will be a spec chassis. That not only cuts down on costs but it also cuts down on cheating.

The new car will have an independent rear suspension.

It will get an 18-inch wheel and tire. That’s up from 15 inches creating a lower profile sidewall.

Refueling will change from a guy carrying a can to a clamp-on hose during pit stops. There’ll be a six-speed sequential gear box not the old four-speed.

And the Next Gen Car could have some spec hybridization.

Expect Ford, Chevy and Toyota to stay. But there’s talk Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen could be there too.

Let’s hope.


Ryan Briscoe2020 Rolex 24 Winner Ryan Briscoe came into The Freak Nation Sunday night wondering how he was going to distribute his third Rolex watch into his family of four people. Briscoe is a regular in The Freak Nation with his wins in IndyCar and his success in sports car racing including his win Sunday with Wayne Taylor Racing. In fact, the WTR win was the team’s third in the last four years. They’re on a roll! Listen…

Cooper Webb2019 Supercross Champion Cooper Webb won the Supercross race in Glendale, Arizona Saturday night. When he came into The Freak Nation he said he was ready to defend his championship even though he’s trailing in points early in the season. Webb said the 2019 title was a surprise but he’s through with surprises like that in 2020. Listen…

Michael Self2019 ARCA Runner-Up Michael Self had a good pre-season practice in ARCA.  So he’s getting ready for the first race of the 2020 season at Daytona, the Lucas Oil 200, in two weeks. Self didn’t learn until the last minute that he’d have a ride this season with the powerful Venturini Motorsports team.  But he’s ready for the full-time commitment.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I’ve never understood why Americans fought against global racing rulebooks. But I’m glad motor racing’s new economic order has forced everyone to agree on some common racing formulas.
2020 Rolex 24

Friday IMSA and the people who run Le Mans announced new rules that will converge global Hypercars and IMSA’s new LMDh category starting next year.

The smaller field at this weekend’s Rolex 24 will tell you why. Entries are down 30 percent in the last five years.  Manufacturer disinterest in expensive rules speaks volumes.

What’s more, any rules that ignore electrification and hybrids could actually drive away auto makers. Again, car makers – especially their stockholders – want to sell cars not just support motor racing with big budgets.

Marshall Pruett at RACER has considerable analysis on Friday’s announcement.

Just understand that pragmatic people are being forced to make pragmatic decisions going into racing’s future. And we’ll all benefit as we head down this motor racing road less traveled.


JohnForce16-time NHRA Funny Car Champion John Force is always welcome in The Freak Nation so Sunday night was a pleasure for The Freaks.  Only this time Force was talking about $600,000 raised for STEM education at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale. Wait’ll you hear John talk about who won his special edition Chevrolet CoPo Camaro sold at Barrett-Jackson Saturday.  We’re talking about billionaires, with a B!  John is always fun!  Listen…