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This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Roger PenskeSo Roger Penske bought everything IndyCar. The announcement came this week proving it is possible to keep a secret in modern media.

But we’re told the actual deal doesn’t become official until January.

The largest headline, though, might be what wasn’t announced: the money. The Speedway and Penske are both private companies so they’re not obligated to say anything.

Roger said he hasn’t paid any money yet and he spent much of the week looking over his purchase.

A respected piece of media this week valued that purchase at anywhere from 300 to 350 million dollars.

If a top ten race at a top ten venue in a top ten series is only worth a .275 hitter in baseball, motor racing is more niche activity than anyone wants to believe.

Here’s the point. Imagine if your house was valued at $500 million and your neighbors dumped their house in a distress sale at $250 million; you’d be spitting nails. In short, any stakeholder in the racing industry should be spitting nails tonight.

The biggest question is why Tony George dumped his house on the market now. Yes, Virginia, secrets are possible in modern media.


Sam SchmidtArrow McLaren SP IndyCar Team Owner Sam Schmidt took a deep breath Sunday night and came into The Freak Nation to answer questions about the dismissal of popular driver James Hinchcliffe. Schmidt answered all The Freaks questions taking all the heat for Hinchcliffe’s departure from the team. He said the decision was all his and his partner Rick Peterson. He said the team’s performance with its new drivers in 2020 will dictate whether or not the decision was a good one. Listen…

Brittany ForceNHRA Las Vegas Top Fuel Winner Brittany Force came into The Freak Nation before celebrating her victory in Las Vegas. Force will make a charge for her second Top Fuel title (2017) at the season’s final event in Pomona in two weeks. Force is beginning to sync with her new crew chief David Grubnic and the pair has NHRA records to prove their success. Listen…

Christopher BellNASCAR Xfinity Driver Christopher Bell was in The Freak Nation Sunday night as he closes on a possible Xfinity title this season. Bell is looking forward to a Phoenix appearance at ISM Raceway. He said he loves the track and the food in Phoenix. He also said he faces some politically correct opinions driving for Joe Gibbs in NASCAR. Listen…

DaleEarnhardtJrThe Freaks took a Freakin’ Flashback with NBC NASCAR Analyst Dale Earnhardt Sunday night.  We went back to 2006 and a conversation we had with the popular former NASCAR driver.  Of all things, Earnhardt talked about his artistic talents and how they might have given him another career outside of racing.  The issue was some law enforcement tickets that needed his attention.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Six championships. That was hard to imagine for Lewis Hamilton back when he started F1 in 2007. His great times in winter testing were encouraging but six title?!

Lewis Hamilton

Then he won in Canada and came within one point of his first title in his rookie season. That includes records for consecutive podium finishes and wins in a debut season.

He won his first title a year later by passing Timo Glock’s Toyota on the last lap in Brazil to get the championship by one point.

The unbelievable run, though, started when he went to Mercedes in 2013 and the championships started in 2014, ’15, ’17, ‘18 and, now 2019.

It doesn’t matter that he has the best car. He’s the best driver able to get 25 percent more from the tires than even the manufacturer recommends. He often knows more about the car than the engineers speaking to him in his ear.

Six championships. An incredible string. Like the NFL’s Bill Belichick: On to seven.


Erik JonesJoe Gibbs NASCAR Driver Erik Jones was in The Freak Nation Sunday night. He’s finishing his third season in NASCAR Cup racing and, for a change this year, he’s not in the post season playoffs. But Jones finds something positive in that negative. And that includes how his team looks at next year. Then there’s Oscar. Listen…

CM PunkCM Punk is a legendary WWE wrestling star who’s moved on to the UFC and, his latest passion, horror films. His latest, The Girl on the Third Floor, is just being released. He was promoting is on his 41st birthday Friday. He has others about to be released. The WWE superstar says there are no plans to return to wrestling but he may not have time anyway. The horror films are filling his calendar. Listen…

Ryan Beat2019 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Pro Lite Champion Ryan Beat had to overcome a spectacular crash Friday before going on to his 2019 title on Saturday. He was in The Freak Nation Sunday night talking about his third Pro Lite title in LOORRS and he broke some news with Kenny Sargent about his plans for 2020. They include a step up in class. Listen…

Chip_GanassiThe Freaks Sunday night took us on a 12 year Freakin’ Flashback with legendary motorsports owner Chip Ganassi. It was April, 2007 when Ganassi joined The Freaks to help us welcome a new affiliate in Pittsburg, Ganassi’s hometown.  The conversation quickly withered to a racing incident in Mexico.  Then followed up with exercise equipment on Ganassi’s traveling coach.  Only the Freaks!  Listen…