Cup Team Attaboys

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

You’re well aware I’m not the biggest NASCAR fan in The Freak Nation.

Monster NASCAR logoBut what the teams are doing in the season’s reboot is something that should be applauded. The race Sunday at Homestead was the eighth in the last four weeks. Each of those races was a one day affair with no practice or qualifying allowed.

And to top it off, the tracks were all over the place. They raced at Darlington, Charlotte, Bristol, Atlanta, Martinsville and Homestead. And mixed in all those changes are some rain delays just to stir the pot a bit.

Now, for you detractors who think all they do in NASCAR is turn left, read that last paragraph again. The left turns at those tracks have nothing in common.

My hats off to the drivers and, especially, the crew chiefs who navigated those distractions.

Still, you’d think the challenges would see a random winner in there but, as this is written, no such luck. Crazy month. Crazy season.


June 14, 2020

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