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Christopher PolvoordeTeam GT/Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series Driver Christopher Polvoorde was born a month after The Freak Nation’s birthdate. But he’s as much a champion in off-road racing as The Freaks are in broadcasting. Polvoorde was in The Freak Nation Sunday night with a number of laughs including the van he built with Ford that would allow him to do his remote schooling on a mountain top away from everything. Listen…

Dallas PageWrestling Legend Diamond Dallas Page is an encyclopedia of wrestling fun but he might be the best as detailing stories from the fans he has in the NBA. That includes his appearances with maybe the all-time NBA Freak Dennis Rodman. He remembers a night when two Utah Jazz Stars actually picked DDP from the crowd to say Hi! And explaining DDPY is something else altogether. Listen…

Patrick WarburtonActor/Comedian Patrick Warburton returned to The Freak Nation Sunday night and he brought new stories from his growing career.  And that includes the people who remember him from his rental car commercials when he’s been acting for decades.  Warburton is as much a Freak as The Freaks.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

It’s been a painful week in America. We’re asking questions about our relationships with government and law enforcement. We may need to change America to find those answers.

SpaceX Launch

There’s some reality though: the SpaceX historic flight to the International Space Station.

The wonderful thing about the TV launch shows was watching former Freak Nation co-host Chris Jacobs. Chris was only around for a year or so of our 20… but his friendship remains important.

When you talk about SpeedFreaks you have to mention the NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken.

Without going into a calculator of numbers the SpaceX rocket will be going at 18,000 MPH to orbit the Earth once every 90 minutes.

To escape Earth orbit they’ll be traveling 25,000 MPH or seven miles per second.

Dizzying but this mission could change American technology history forever.


Rodney ChildersNASCAR Darlington Winning Crew Chief Rodney Childers had a candid conversation with The Freaks Sunday night. Childeers directed the Kevin Harvick dominating win, Harvick’s fiftieth of his career. Childers talked about the car, if it will be used again Wednesday when the Cup Series runs again at Darlington. He also talked about how the fanless weekend at Darlington fit into NASCAR’s history. Listen…

Petter SolbergWRC & WRX Champion Petter Solberg revisited The Freak Nation Sunday night after runing in the Legends sim race Saturday. Solberg won the 2003 WRC title and the 2014 and 2015 World Ralycross titles. So he’s one of the great driver in history. But he had to work on his skills in sim racing and he still might not be as adept at his son Oliver. Who’d win? Listen…

Will PerdueFour-Time NBA Champion Will Perdue returned to The Freak Nation Sunday night to again expand on the brilliant ESPN docu-series The Last Dance. Perdue has spent the last month bringing in deeper insight into the most popular television series in America. The ESPN documentary series is taking apart the last championship run of the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 season. He’s bringing insight from inside the Bulls locker room. Listen…

Todd SuchermanLegendary Styx Drummer Todd Sucherman is considered one of the most technical drummers in rock music.  And he’s expanding his career to produce a solo album, one that he did in somewhat a secret from his award winning band mates.  Todd said “Last Flight Home” is “sort of a grand experiment to see if I could do something that I wasn’t sure that I could do.” Sucherman said he’s proud of the work.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

“The Last Dance” docu-series has fueled the argument: Who’s Greatest, Michael or LeBron?

The numbers solve nothing. We can argue championships, scoring, rebounds, assists and, still, nothing is definitive.

Sebastian LoebCarlos Sainz SrWell, there’s a similar argument going on in the World Rally Championship. But in this case the Michael and LeBron is Sebastian Loeb and Carlos Sainz.

WRC.com held a month-long poll that absorbed more than 300,000 votes to reach the conclusion that Sainz and his two titles is worth more than Loeb’s nine straight.

Sainz has been named the WRC’s GOAT, the greatest of all time.

The tournament style knockout rounds included all 18 WRC champions. When it started Sainz was ranked sixth in the seedings. Loeb was top seeded. But Sainz, The Matador pulled off the upset.

Michael-LeBron or Sainz-Loeb. There’s another argument to while away your quarantine hours.


Conor DalyIndyCar iRacing Indianapolis Runner-up Conor Daly was a great guest in The Freak Nation Sunday night. He drove through a wild finish in the IndyCar iRacing finish at the virtual Indianapolis Motor Speedway to reach the checkered flag in second place behind Scott McLaughlin. Daly and McLaughlin went through the last turn of the race down the field but crashes at the front left them standing at the end. Listen…