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Scott Dixon2017 Indy 500 Pole Sitter Scott Dixon was in The Freak Nation Sunday night just hours after he won the Pole for next Sunday’s 101st Indy 500. Dixon is a longtime Friend of the Freaks so the conversation was comfortable and enlightening at the same time. Dixon talked about his top qualifying run on Sunday afternoon and he followed that with some comments on Formula One driver Fernando Alonso as well at NHRA defending champion Ron Capps. Would Dixon get into a nitro burning drag racer? Listen…

RonCappsNHRA Topeka Funny Car Winner Ron Capps is on one of the biggest rolls in drag racing history. He won his fourth straight Funny Car event in Topeka Sunday. Why’s track to fast? Ron has a great explanation. What about getting these wins at the start of the season instead of the end when it really counts? And is anyone on the team superstitious? Doing anything different? Any dancing dolls? Listen…

John Close1001 NASCAR Facts Author John Close offered some incredible trivia when he visited The Freak Nation Sunday night. His new book about NASCAR trivia is one of the best selling books on Amazon. Despite falling attendance and TV ratings NASCAR fans still want to read some quick trivia on their sport. And John has the best. Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Huge fun this weekend at the Southern Ohio Forest Rally. I went to visit friends and one put me to work! I found myself hosting some events including the Special Stage at the end of the event on the Ross County Fairgrounds outside Chillicothe, Ohio, the state’s first capitol.

At one point I had the center section of the grandstands stand and BOO! another section that wasn’t participating with enough gusto. Great fun.

I’ve attached some pictures of the action.




For the record Art Gruska and co-driver Lukasz Wronski from Poland won the event over Tim Rooney and co-driver Ole Holter from the US.

I was fascinated, though, with James Robinson, a Honda engineer who’s won three B Spec championships in a Honda Fit. This weekend he had a completely stock, four-door Honda Civic for the competition. It was so stock it still had an operating air conditioner and tinted windows! He finished second in two wheel drive with co-driver Brian Penza.

An added note, Honda got its first Global Rallycross win Sunday after two years of trying. Maybe the rally shop should share some notes with the F1 guys.


Will Power200IndyCar Grand Prix Winner Will Power logged his first win of the 2017 season Saturday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The victory left him fifth in the standings just four points shy of teammate Helio Castroneves in fourth. Power is another longtime Friend of The Freaks. It was cool to talk with Will on Mother’s Day because this new father has some ideas on how his new child has changed the way he drives and thinks behind the wheel. Listen…

Bo ButnerNHRA Atlanta Pro Stock Winner Bo Butner is second in 2017 Pro Stock points after his second victory of the season. Butner is building an excellent season His two wins leave him only a point out of first place in the most competitive category in drag racing. But Butner is proud of something else in drag racing. And that’s the field itself. It’s different than any other form of motor racing. Listen…

JordanTaylorIMSA WeatherTech COTA Winner Jordan Taylor is dominating the 2017 season with his brother Ricky. They started winning at the Rolex 24 in Daytona and haven’t stopped. The latest win at Circuit of the Americas last week was a walkover. They were more than a minutes up on the field in the last hour. But now Jordan will join his brother Ricky at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But Jordan won’t have his Cadillac prototype in France. Listen…

Shawne MerrimanThree-time NFL Pro Bowler Shawne Merriman is getting his feet wet in the world of motorsports.  He was one of the best linebackers in the NFL when he played. But violence in pro football is nothing like the nuance of motor racing. He’s learning that!  Merriman, however, is a determined winner and that’s being translated to his racing team. Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Saturday night’s NASCAR winner in Kansas, Martin Truex, won in a Toyota.

But maybe the story of the young season is the performance of the Fords in the NASCAR Cup series. Eight of the top 15 drivers are in Fords led by Brad Keselowski who’s third in the standings.

That’s a far cry from recent years when Roush Fenway carried the Blue Oval in the middle of the field.


Imagine my surprise, though, when I read in the Motorology Facebook group that the Ford FR9 engines in NASCAR are pure racing engines that have no connection to anything that comes from any Ford assembly line.

As was said in the Motorology post: “The current Ford, Chevy, and Toyota NASCAR engines are far more similar to each other than to any production V8s.”

That’s troubling. Don’t we want the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing to be about stock cars racing? Maybe it should be Spec Car Automobile Racing. Maybe it’s the spec racing that’s driving away fans.

Or maybe we should look at the race results as participation results, like Little League. If the manufacturers demand to trade their dollars for trophies, maybe the fans are right to trade their dollars for better TV.


Kyle PettyNASCAR broadcast analyst Kyle Petty is a Friend of the Freaks. We love it when he comes in to promote his Charity Motorcycle Ride. This year’s is the 23rd on May 13-19. Kyle once told us The Freak Nation is one of his largest supporters for his charity efforts. We LOVE that unsolicited comment. We also love it when Kyle talks about the legends leaving NASCAR and the new names coming on board to take their place. Listen…