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This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Some thoughts on Saturday’s 12 hours of Sebring.

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A great weekend! An eight-hour World Endurance Championship race on Friday and the IMSA Sebring 12 Hour on Saturday. We need more weekends like that.

Eleven drivers did both races. Just a great show.

My hat’s off to NBC Sports or IMSA for building a video promo that didn’t feature a crash of any kind. Somebody should get an award; certainly a raise.

I like that no one has bothered to repave the Sebring track. It’s bumpy, just short of an off-road race. The drivers complained but they drove on it anyway, not like some who complain for a living. Saturday they raced in the rain in horrible conditions and still put on a great show.

I continue to be amazed that Mazda hasn’t been able to make their prototype work for an entire race. Even the German Team Joest hasn’t been able to make the thing get to the end at speed at the front of the line.

Finally at the end of the race only two cars didn’t finish and one of those went out with less than nine minutes to go. What an incredible show!


Eric CurranIMSA Sebring 12 Hour Winner Eric Curran was part of a team that included Pipo Derani and Felipe Nasr. Curran came into The Freak Nation Sunday night to share some insight and some laughs. Curran won the 2018 IMSA title with Nasr and the Sebring win gives the two a chance to repeat. Their Whelen Engineering Cadillac led the Cadillac domination at Sebring. but what about the bumpy track and slippery rain? Listen…

Jack HarveyIndyCar Driver Jack Harvey of Michael Shank Racing is passionate about racing and an old truck he wants to restore any time soon. He talked about both Sunday night along with the Circuit of the Americans track where IndyCar will race for the first time next weekend. And what about the combo weekends The Freaks have talked about for years. Would Harvey welcome some drag racers to an IndyCar weekend? Listen…

Courtney ForceSunday night The Freaks took a Freakin’ Flashback with Courtney Force back to July, 2013. That was about the time the winning NHRA Funny Car driver posed for the ESPN The Body issue. What was it like to be nude in the desert? Was she able to get her mind around the young technicians working the lights and equipment? And what about the idea that came up over a glass of win with her mother? Listen…

Mike AlessiSupercross Rider Mike Alessi is back in the sport after a couiple yeards away.  He talked about the differences Sunday night.  Are the riders faster now than when he won two motocross events? What do the new team owners who hired him?  Do they expect him to return to the Winner’s Circle? Or the Podium? Did he ever expect to be back riding?  This is a new Mike Alessi and he sounds pretty cool.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Citroen this week said it would leave the World Rally Championship unless the series opens the door for some form of electric hybrid by 2020.

An executive said the company couldn’t see a manufacturer supporting something that doesn’t reflect what’s going on in society.

To that I can only say: Thank you!

The series should listen when Citroen speaks. It’s won nine WRC titles in a row with Sebastian Loeb. And it’s won two of three events this year with reigning champion Sebastian Ogier. That includes this weekend’s Rally Mexico.
2019 Citroen Mexico
Citroen said it’s working hard to meet carbon dioxide regulations in its road cars and it doesn’t want to compete with a product that doesn’t fit its brand.

This is more proof manufacturers are in racing to sell cars and not just its name.

Let’s hope someone’s listening at the WRC.


Josef NewgardenIndyCar St. Petersburg Winner Josef Newgarden started the 2019 season off right coming into The Freak Nation. He was ready for the season after some time off. He talked about the IndyCar schedule, the pace of the season and the year-long preparation for the Indy 500 in May. Newgarden won the IndyCar title in 2017 so he knows what’s necessary for championship performance. Listen…

Aric AlmirolaNASCAR Driver Aric Almirola was ready to be in Phoenix this weekend after a cold and wet winter at home in North Carolina. But there are times when Almirola likes to be home after a season on the NASCAR road from February to November. Almirola drives for Stewart Haas Racing and loves it. He loves the technology in NASCAR. But what about the technology in IndyCar? Could he ever race in open wheel? Listen.

Michael SelfARCA Pensacola Winner Michael Self won on General Tires at the Florida short track. He was much happier after a poor opening to the season at Daytona. But Self has a lot on his plate in a race season. His schedule includes teaching some of the sports headliners how to drive, especially on road courses where he does some coaching and mentoring. Self is another in a LONG line of whitty ARCA drivers. Listen…

NASCAR Driver Daniel Hemric is already ahead of the game. He’s married to a great woman who’s also a driver, Kenzie Ruston.  So when he same into The Freak Nation Sunday night he was full of fun and information.  He was ready to talk about a driver fight, a headline this week. He also talked about NASCAR marketing as well as compatibility among drivers in the NASCAR garage.  Hemric is a Friend of The Freaks and Lucas Oil at Richard Childress Racing.  Listen…