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Will Power2002018 Indianapolis 500 Winner Will Power came into The Freak Nation after his likeness on the Indy 500 Borg-Warner Trophy was revealed. Power talked about the engraving, posing for the artist and visiting the artist’s 60 acre farm for final posings. He said the artist, William Behrends, knew Will’s face as well as Will did at the end of the process. Then, you think you could pass the citizenship test Power is preparing to take?. Listen.

SC_FreaksAt the end of every year the SpeedFreaks announce their Freakies, the best in the motor racing year. Who’s the Driver/Rider of the Year? The Race of the Year? The Freak of the Year? And, a special look at the Story of the Year from just one of the Freaks. Listen…

Marlon WayansComedian and Actor Marlon Wayans visited with The Freaks before his weekend of Stand Up Live in Phoenix.  The celebrated comedian had a great conversation with The Freaks about the current state of comedy in America and how culture is changing what’s funny for many people.  Wayans, however, isn’t willing to change his stand up act to meet a changing culture.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

For more than a decade I was a complete fan of the sport rallycross.  I loved the short races, the high horsepower cars, the pavement and dirt tracks and the drivers who could navigate all of it.
Rallycross photos © QNIGAN.COM 2014
Early on, though, I noticed that promoters here in America were selling the sizzle and not the steak.  Action stars like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Tanner Foust were the draw.

But as those stars dimmed, the sport dimmed with it.  Now the TV is gone, the heat around the hype is gone and efforts to promote the sport in America are more difficult.

There was a big blow this week when the World Rallycross Championship decided to take away the points from its event at Circuit of the America’s in Texas. The event is still on the calendar but it’s unlikely the European stars will return without a points incentive.

Sad.  Selling stars works as long as the stars stay important.  When they don’t, what do you have left?  Just something to do.  There’s a lot of that in motorsports these days.


Jeff GluckNASCAR Insider Jeff Gluck, JeffGluck.com, always brings the heat when he comes into The Freak Nation and Sunday night was no different. We talked about NASCAR future with television ratings falling, any changes in the future to meet the demand for new fans, and whether or not NASCAR might be sold in the near future. Gluck opened our eyes on what’s happening in the NASCAR paddock. Listen…

Darren Law25 Hours of Thunderhill Winner Darren Law, Flying Lizard Motorsports, came into The Freak Nation before getting on an airplane after the race. Law is one of the owners at Flying Lizard so he knows what’s happening with a sportsman race that professional teams find important. And how did Flying Lizard overcome broken axles and other problems to get the team’s fourth straight win at Thunderhill. Listen…

Patrick LongSixteen Year Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long is America’s only driver n the Porsche squad. But he’s found a way to expand his driving career into business interests from car shows to engineering new race cars with Porsche. Patrick is returning to The Freak Nation after several years of racing success including championships on American racetracks and Baja dirt roads. Listen…

Ken BlockOur 2007 Freakin Flashback with Ken Block takes us to the second of his sixth straight wins at the 100 Acre Wood rally in Missouri. He won the event seven times in eight years at the event named for the woods where Winnie the Pooh lived. Block is one of the most successful viral video producers ever. The Gymkhana Video series has reached ten in the series that’s been seen by hundreds of millions of viewers. This was at the beginning eleven years ago. Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

It’s the end the year and most of the country is buttoning down for winter.

So you have to wonder if the NASA 25 Hour is a race at the end of the 2018 season or an event opening the 2019 motor racing year.

First, the 25 Hours at Thunderhill in Northern California is in its 16th year. It started as a sportsman race to celebrate and enjoy some racing fun before packing it away for the Holidays.

But professional racing teams started taking the race seriously to test the car, try out new drivers and crew and get ready for the Rolex 24 at Daytona in less than 60 days.


The pro team that’s gained the most from the event is Flying Lizard Motorsports. It won its fourth straight Sunday afternoon. And an all-female Flying Lizard team finished first in class and fourth overall.

So the 25 Hour is a sportsman race filled with professional talent. But an hour after the race Sunday afternoon even the event website didn’t have a winner update. In the words of the NFL, C’mon Man! A great event needs greater support.


Joey Logano2018 NASCAR Cup Champion Joey Logano returned to The Freak Nation Sunday night minutes after his title winning race in Homestead, Florida. Logano won his first NASCAR Cup title and closed the deal for Ford’s first Manufacturer’s title in nearly 20 years. Logano drives for The Captain, team owner Rober Penske, a legendary name in motorsports. Penske also spots for Logano during the races. Listen.