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Dane CameronIMSA Laguna Seca Winner Dane Cameron is always welcome on Sunday nights. His win along with co-driver Juan Pablo Montoya moved the pair at the doorstep of the 2019 IMSA championship with one race to go in Atlanta. Cameron already has two titles but he’s battling for a third in his Penske Acura DPI. Cameron has experience in chasing the spotlight. Listen…

JackBeckmanNHRA Maple Grove Funny Car Winner Jack Beckman returned to The Freak Nation Sunday Night shortly after his win in Pennsylvania. Beckman has never been short of opinions or expressing them in The Freak Nation and Sunday night was no different. Wait’ll you hear what he has to say about the merits of the NHRA Playoff Countdown. Listen…

Michael WaltripNASCAR Analyst Michael Waltrip hasn’t been in The Freak Nation too often. But when he has a new documentary film coming out we wanted to hear about it. “Blink of an Eye” is about hos Waltrip’s life changed after the 2001 Daytona 500 and the last lap accident that took the life of Waltrip’s friend and boss, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. You’ll want to hear this! Listen…

James WatsonPro Bass Fisherman James Watson took his maiden voyage into The Freak Nation Sunday night.  And we can’t wait to have him back for another visit.  Watson is known as Worldwide because of his Gift of Gab, considered a worldwide best.  The Pro Bass Fisherman is supported by General Tire but he’s not pulling rubber fish into his boat.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I was super pumped Friday at the introduction of all-electric rallycross machines.

IMG promotes the World Rallycross Championship and next year it will introduce a support series called Projekt E.

WRX Projekt E

The new car is a collaboration between IMG and an Austrian R&D shop. This is all a first for global motorsport.

Projekt E next season will showcase the all-electric cars at European rounds of the championship. The short races in rallycross and high torque racing environment is perfect for electrification.

These will be 612 horsepower machines, 14,000 rpm motors and full torque within 32 milliseconds of the start. Top speeds? 150 miles an hour.

The electrics will fit in new builds or converted current chassis.

Frankly, this is the future. Automakers want this. And those who ignore that fact face losing automaker interest. Can’t wait to see it.


Jerett BrooksCrandon Raceway 50th Anniversary Pro2 Winner Jerett Brooks returned to The Freak Nation Sunday night after his historic victory. Crandon is one of the most important racing venues in the off-road world. Brooks’ win earned him the Pro2 World Championship for 2019. He was quick to explain the importance of the win and the racing venue in Wisconsin. Listen…

Ben BostromEric BostromThis 2003 Freakin’ Flashback with Eric & Ben Bostrom goes back to a time when The Freaks were on Speed Channel.  The is the audio from that video appearance.  Eric and Ben were champion motorcycle racers.  Ben, in fact, won the 2003 Red Bull Super Moto a GoGo in Las Vegas wearing a gold racing suit.  It was shocking for the thousands who were there! Eric & Ben were Friends of the Freaks.  Listen…

This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Antonio BrownEven if you don’t like stick and ball sports you learned to hate Antonio Brown this week.

The NFL wide receiver calls his antics Boomin.’ That’s slang for unfathomably hot or irresistible.

We’re left with believing Brown is the idiot supreme or he’s Boominly brilliant. The stories say Brown left thirty to forty-five million dollars on the table in Oakland.

He’ll get some of that back if he sticks under the New England Patriot discipline. The rest and more could come from a deal with his new helmet company and growth in his Social Media presence. Sunday morning he had 3.6 million fans on Instagram alone.

No one in sports has made more of Social Media than video legend Ken Block who has half again more Instagram followers than Antonio. And NASCAR drivers have long known that sponsors want Social Media presence over race wins.

Maybe Social Media has infected football now and Antonio Brown is following the Boomin’ noise from the racetrack.


Takuma SatoIndyCar St. Louis Winner Takuma Sato came into The Freak Nation and found a NEW fan. The interlude with the fan left him speechless. But the core of the conversation was Sato’s recovery from last weekend’s fiasco when Social Media fans beat him up pretty hard for his involvement in a first lap accident at Pocono Raceway. What a difference a week makes in IndyCar Racing! Then there’s that new fan. Listen…

Patrick WarburtonActor Comedian Patrick Warburton visited The Freak Nation Sunday night and had fun talking about his experiences in voice overs, commercials and Seinfeld. He also had some great stories about crashing in celebrity races. Warburton is a great conversation from a face that leads everyone to say: “I know him!” Listen…