This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

If you’re a regular here you know I love Formula Drift and the business-like way the founders run the series.

2020 FD WAshington

The Covid issues this year forced Ryan Sage and Jim Liaw to make some changes in the event format. This weekend was the second doubleheader weekend of the year. State officials in Washington added another wrinkle, they did it without fans for the first time in the series 17-year history.

I read an analysis by veteran drifting journalist Joey Redmond that suggested doubleheader weekends might be the wave of the future. Qualifying falls from the schedule but, apparently, it’s not missed.

The 2020 pandemic will force most of us to consider a different way to do things in the new normal. Formula D shouldn’t be any different.

Last week The Freaks talked about the money saved when event weekends count for more than one chunk of race points. And saving money might become the bedrock foundation of whatever new will be. Ryan and Jim have led motorsports through dark valleys before. Maybe they can do it again.