This is The Statt Mann, Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

We've all seen and built an opinion on the J.R. Hildebrand crash in the last turn at the Indy 500. He'll forever be known as the guy who crashed at Indy no matter what he ever does in his driving career.

Young people make mistakes and it can cost them. They have a moment and they respond or they don't. They lift and use the moment or they don't. They own the moment or they don't. Sometimes the moment can own them.

This weekend at Rally America's Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally in Pennsylvania a young driver who may have a brilliant future ahead of him came upon a moment and the moment owned him.

Chris Duplessis is a three-time champion in the Rally America 2WD class. And this weekend he made the American debut of the Ford Fiesta R2. The R2 is a Fiesta that's been hotrodded for rallying through a kit available from Ford's World Rally Team headquaerters M-Sport in the UK.

Chris' R2 was so good that he built up a near eight minute lead with one stage to go at STPR. The people at Ford were ecstatic and ready to beat the drum loudly to let us all know how great the R2 did in it's American debut.

But Chris Duplessis is a champion for a reason. He goes hard. And he went so hard Saturday evening that he crashed with an eight minute lead and the band being tuned to sing his praises.

It's as inexcusable at Hildebrand's miscue at Indy. And hopefully a young champion will learn.  But moments being what they are, they don't come back. That moment was lost and we'll never know how those moments could  have changed the careers of J.R. Hildebrand or Chris Duplessis.