This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Any Hollywood screen writer will tell you that drama can’t be manufactured without a good story.  We see an example of that in the current NASCAR Chase for the Sprint Cup playoffs.

All season we’ve been building the Chase story around Kyle Busch who won eight races during the Sprint Cup regular season.  Many were ready to coronate him the champion.

But, like Hillary Clinton, a funny thing happened to Kyle on the way to his championship.  Last week he stumbled when the gates opened for the first playoff race.  This week he stumbled again leaving him with the HUGE task of climbing out of last place if he’s to be a player in the playoffs.

Watching Kyle the last two weeks reminds me why youngsters don’t win championships.  We were amazed watching Kyle’s foot to the floor driving style in those eight wins. 

But an all or nothing attitude isn’t a championship attitude.  And, now the drama of Busch chase racing with Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards is lost at least for this year.

There’s drama though in the truck series where there’s no manufactured Chase.  The story is just hard-nosed racing that leaves one point separating Johnny Benson and Ron Hornaday after 19 of 26 races.

Funny how that works!  Once again, maybe we’re finding that the Chase was an answer to a question that didn’t need asking.