This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Antonio BrownEven if you don’t like stick and ball sports you learned to hate Antonio Brown this week.

The NFL wide receiver calls his antics Boomin.’ That’s slang for unfathomably hot or irresistible.

We’re left with believing Brown is the idiot supreme or he’s Boominly brilliant. The stories say Brown left thirty to forty-five million dollars on the table in Oakland.

He’ll get some of that back if he sticks under the New England Patriot discipline. The rest and more could come from a deal with his new helmet company and growth in his Social Media presence. Sunday morning he had 3.6 million fans on Instagram alone.

No one in sports has made more of Social Media than video legend Ken Block who has half again more Instagram followers than Antonio. And NASCAR drivers have long known that sponsors want Social Media presence over race wins.

Maybe Social Media has infected football now and Antonio Brown is following the Boomin’ noise from the racetrack.