This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

FIA logoI’m impressed that the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council approved a World Rallycross championship for electric cars this week.

Rallycross with its short races and rough-and-tumble race craft will be a perfect venue for electrics. The series comes on line in 2020.

The World Rallycross promoter IMG worked with the FIA and a number of car manufacturers on this project for the last eighteen months.

An effort’s underway to make room for privateers in this new championship. Expenses have locked them out of a competitive effort in the current rallycross championship.

This series for electrics won’t replace the current series. That’s a good thing too.

When it’s done right, rallycross is great racing for television and fans in the stands. The races are short, exciting and filled with name brand drivers.

Hopefully this global effort will produce some technology that will wind up in our driveways in the near future.

Racing used to be about R&D instead of selling jeans and beer. Maybe we can get back to that.