This is the Statt Mann. Time to Scat a little bit…

You know what we don’t do enough? We don’t experience life. We tend to watch it wash by in a flash flood of moments, cheering for someone else’s success and not our own.

I didn’t watch much Motorsports this weekend. Television isn’t a priority at Ghost Ranch, 23,000 acres of northern New Mexico in a little town called Abiquiu.

Ghost Ranch

Georgia O’Keefe lived and did a lot of her painting there. Heard some intimate stories about her too. Ghost Ranch isn’t in the middle of nowhere but you can see nowhere from one of its hills.

In fact, I turned right out of the gate and when went looking for nowhere. I wound it up near the Colorado border watching it snow sideways in 40 degree temperatures. I turned back deciding nowhere wasn’t a hospitable place.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while writing and listening to Clapton and Billy Preston, a woman walked by the window. She smiled, waved, said Hi and kept going.

In Southern California women cry, grab their purse and run the other way when they see me.

New Mexico is different. You have to experience New Mexico.