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They Freakin’ Said WHAT?

You know, what does a high dollar left handed pitcher of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and racing team owner have to say when Kenny Sargent states Ralf Schumacher is the king of ass (and not in a positive sense)? Well, CJ Wilson was as quick as his four-seam fast ball when he thought former NBA baller Wilt Chamberlain was the king of it. And then CJ followed it up with this quip.

Only The Freaks could get this kind of emotion from the entire Michael Shank Racing team, defending champions of the Rolex 24. Wait’ll you hear from Ozz Negri, Marcos Ambrose, A.J. Allmenginder, John Pew and Justin Wilson unplugged. They know how to win almost as much as they know how to win. And Allmendinger is in the middle of it all… Listen…